How to use intermediate reports

Let’s consider a case where multiple groups have done triage separately and want to merge their outputs in a single report. We can do this by saving scans in form of intermediate reports and merge them whenever required.

Create Intermediate reports

To create an intermediate report on a scan for path /home/code/backend/, you can use:

python -m cve_bin_tool.cli -a /home/reports/backend.json /home/code/backend/

Here we are saving the intermediate report in /home/reports/backend.json
Alternatively, you can just use the directory path omitting the filename. Example:

python -m cve_bin_tool.cli -a /home/reports/ -t frontend /home/code/frontend/

CVE-Binary Tool will generate a filename with the default naming convention which is: "append.YYYY-MM-DD.hh-mm-ss.json"

Note: You can also use -t --tag if you want to add a unique tag inside your intermediate report. By default it is empty and stored as "".

Intermediate report format

    "metadata": {
        "timestamp": "2021-06-17.00-00-30",
        "tag": "",
        "scanned_dir": "/home/code/backend",
        "products_with_cve": 139,
        "products_without_cve": 2,
        "total_files": 49
    "report": [
            "vendor": "gnu",
            "product": "gcc",
            "version": "9.0.1",
            "cve_number": "CVE-2019-15847",
            "severity": "HIGH",
            "score": "7.5",
            "cvss_version": "3",
            "paths": "/home/code/backend/glib.tar.gz,/home/code/backend/gcc.tar.gz",
            "remarks": "NewFound",
            "comments": ""

Merge intermediate reports

You can merge multiple intermediate reports created using -m --merge

python -m cve_bin_tool.cli -m /home/reports/

-m --merge takes a comma-separated string. So, you can also pass filename(s) directly:

python -m cve_bin_tool.cli -m /home/reports/backend.json,/home/reports/append.2021-06-17.00-00-30.json

If you want to save the output in some other format (By default, it is console). You can also use -f --format and -o --output-file while merging intermediate reports. For example, If you want to generate an HTML report:

python -m cve_bin_tool.cli -m /home/reports/ -f html -o /home/reports/merged_intermediate.html